Saturday, September 26, 2009

NYC, Day 2

I am waging an ongoing campaign to become Blackie's Most Favourite of All Visitors!! Jenny seems to feel I am accomplishing said objective! To that end, I even let him play with the shoelaces belonging to my new Asic Tigers!

Yesterday Jenny took me out for a lovely Breakfast Near Tiffany's. Here in fact. And then we somehow managed to walk past FAO Schwartz to Tiffany's! Floors one and three were our destinations — the primary wonders I wanted to see were pearls. A pear shaped peacock tahitian mounted upside down inside a gold netted framework — it was a hot air balloon pendant. Frogs, with white south sea pearls, much like my own in earrings and a pendant. And fabulous conch pearls! Well, that took hours! None of my picks are featured on the Tiffany's web site, hence the lack of photos.

A nice quiet afternoon was spent alternately online, reading Dara Torres' book, and working my Blackie campaign. Dinner at a local Italian restaurant (pasta dinner!) was followed by a screening of Breakfast At Tiffany's with Jenny and Blackie. I'm sure the Hagen Dazs ginger ice cream was helpful to my cause.

On the Little Red Lighthouse front, I have bib number 165, and will be swimming in wave 4 today, waves start 5 minutes apart. Registration is 10:30-11:00, start is 12:05. It's a bit cooler today than it has been, currently 55°F heading to a high of 64°F. So we'll probably try to keep our gear on as long as possible!

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Jenny Davidson said...

If Brent had been here, I am thinking we might have had to have an FAO Schwartz detour...

Danielle in Iowa said...

Good luck today!

Brent Buckner said...

Pensive cat is pensive!

Wendy said...

Jenny, definitely!

Danielle, thanks!

Brent, indeed!

ShirleyPerly said...

I didn't know Jenny had a black cat too. Sounds like fun so far!